Boneripper is a brutal metallic hardcore band hailing from the northern parts of The Netherlands.

The band consists of former and current members of Manu Armata, 13Steps and Bladecrusher (fun fact: 3 of the 5 band members are actual brothers). With so many years of experience in the scene, Boneripper is not your typical new kid on the block. Instead they build on the foundations of their previous bands. Bringing their fury with heavy riffs, hard grooves, energetic vocals and a ‘straight to your face’ attitude. With a fresh drive and a new record Boneripper can’t wait to hit the stage and bring their mayhem wherever they can.


> Boneripper, Sena Performance Stage, 17:45 – 18:30 uur

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door Friesland Pop, Cultuurfonds en VSB Fonds